Chinese take (away) on Mulligan’s

In July, 2012, the South China Morning Post published an article on Dublin pubs by Andy Gilbert in which he made a peculiar observation about Mulligan’s.

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In Dublin, authenticity comes in all shapes and sizes. There’s the seething folksiness of O’Donoghue’s – walk in, hold up the requisite number of fingers and the pints of stout are already on their way.

There’s the Brazen Head on Bridge Street, which dates from the 17th century and is probably the city’s oldest pub, Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street, which was once reputed to be so – ‘Is this the oldest bar in town? No, but it has the oldest staff!’

There is a genuine romance to these old places with their many connections – factual and fictional – to events and people and characters.

South China Morning Post, 4 July 2014

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