World’s most rejected author welcomed to Mulligan’s

0141000597On its way to publication, Dick Wimmer’s first novel, ‘Irish Wine’ received a grand total of 162 rejection slips.

After honing it down to 128 pages from its original 700, the Los Angeles-based creative writing teacher eventually found a publisher, Mercury House, for his magnum opus.

Believing that even failure , if it’s spectacular enough has inherent publicity, Mercury have been unashamed about touting the fact that they have ‘history’s most rejected published novelist’ on their books.

Image (adapted) of Dick Wimmer enjoying a drink in Mulligan’s front bar. Photo by Tom Hanahoe

For the average American author, even getting their work reviewed by the New York Times book pages would be achievement enough. In Wimmer’s case the fact that the review was a positive one is cause for a boyish grin to break out as he reads it aloud for possibly the one-millionth time.


‘In Irish Wine, the author Dick Wimmer has created one of the most captivatingly manic artists found in literature since the raucous rascally Gulley Jimson of Joyce Carey’s book, ‘The Horse’s Mouth’ … it is also part J.P. Donleavy’s ‘Ginger Man’ part James Joyce’s ‘A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man’ part Keystone Cops and wholly entertaining.

Section of feature by Kate Shanahan, Irish Press, 26August, 1989

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