Hell’s Angels arrive in Mulligan’s

Peter Roche (beside a sign reading NO MOTOR BIKES), Christy Hynes (in doorway) Gary Cusack and an unidentified Mulligan’s customer.

The arrival of a herd of Hell’s Angels in Mulligan’s in the 1980s caused some staff to become unnerved.

Barman Paddy Kelly asked his colleague, Christy Hynes, if they should serve the hairy bikers to which Christy responded; ‘Do you want to take the chance of refusing them?’

Paddy Kelly, who expressed anxiety over taking an order from the hairy bikers
Screen shot 2015-04-10 at 13.52.30
Christy Hynes, who made the decision to serve the Hell’s Angels

The hirsute customers were served and were found to be more angelic than hellish, displaying great courtesy and good behaviour.

The men among them stayed for a drink as their womenfolk ventured out to do some shopping.

In the meantime, a sign ‘NO MOTOR BIKES’ from across the road, was temporarily placed on the footpath outside Mulligan’s and a photograph taken.

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