Who won’t be found in Mulligan’s?

A quarter of a century ago, the Irish Press group of newspapers ran an advertising campaign promoting the Sunday Press.

Screen shot 2015-04-10 at 12.28.02
Photograph (adapted) of Sunday Press advertisement. From left, Eanna Brophy, Stephen Collins, Des Crowley, Brenda Power, Mary Kerrigan and, on duty behind the bar, Gary Cusack.

The advertisement ‘comforted’ readers that Sunday Press journalists would not be found in Mulligan’s on Saturday night because they would be busy attending to their primary duties of preparing the newspaper for publication.

The photograph (adapted) reprinted here was one of several used in the promotional campaign all featuring Mulligan’s, the local for Irish Press journalists whose offices were nearby.

Screen shot 2015-04-10 at 12.00.55
Irish Press advertisement (26 November, 1990).

The text of the advertisement reads:

Even after the pubs close on Saturday night you’ll still find our journalists putting the finishing touches to the latest news reports for the final edition.

So when you pick up the Sunday Press in the morning the news is as hot as your bacon and eggs.

Ours is the Sunday that serves up insightful, fascinating reportage and commentary on the social, international, local and news scene.

Our colour section gives you a more relaxed and colourful perspective on fashion, the arts (and the Arts), food, entertainment, holidays and a myriad of fascinating subjects.

Next Sunday invite the Sunday Press journalists around for breakfast or brunch and enjoy a fascinating few hours in lively company.

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