Chocolate bubbles in Mulligan’s

Colette Sheridan, writing in the Evening Echo, Cork, recalls a visit to Mulligan’s where she encountered the kindness of Noel Hawkins:

Colette Sheridan

For research purposes on the state of the pub, I made a little pilgrimage to Mulligan’s of Poolbeg Street when I was in Dublin last week.

I was carrying a copy of Mercier Press’s newly published book ‘Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street’ written by journalist, Declan Dunne.

It was about 4 pm and the seasoned drinkers were sitting around the bar counter, drinking Guinness and beginning to get comfortable and garrulous.

Billy Phelan, Noel Hawkins and Darran Cusack

The light was dull and the premises was almost sepia-toned. I sat at the counter and ordered a coffee from Noel Hawkins, Mulligan’s witty barman.

 ‘We have only the ordinary stuff,’ he said. ‘Grand,’ says I.

I did the food test, asking him if he was ‘doing sandwiches’. As if! But he told me I could buy a sandwich from the nearby Spar and bring it back to eat on the premises.

Then he gave me a few squares of his Aero chocolate bar. What a sweet man.

Evening Echo, Cork, 20 May, 2015


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