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10 June, 2015

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3 June, 2015

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Mulligan’s bartender, Billy Phelan, relates the tale of the disappearing 20 euro note and its magical reappearance in a story published in the Leinster Express.



Billy Phelan






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Paddy Kelly tells the Westmeath Examiner of the famous people he served in Mulligan’s.


Paddy Kelly








2 Jun, 2015

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Sean O’Donohoe’s experiences as a bartender in Mulligan’s are recalled in a story published in the Wexford People.

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Sean O’Donohoe and Win Dunne






Click on the link below to read the full story:

30 May, 2015




John Boland reviews “Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street” in the Irish Independent, describing it as an engaging story. Review can be read in full from next week on:

John Boland









29 May, 2015

Declan Dunne, author of Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street, writes a personal article about the pub outlining one of the motivations for writing it.

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29 May, 2015

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“A new book on what is arguably Dublin’s most famous pub, Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street … recounts the many characters to pass through those famous doors including … John F. Kennedy…”










29 May, 2015



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27 May, 2015

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‘While China boasts of its great wall, New York the Statue of Liberty and Paris the Eiffel Tower, Dublin is bejewelled by Mulligan’s of Poolbeg Street”

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26 May, 2015




“Wonderful anecdotes are included in this book” P1030590

Dermot Keyes










24 May, 2015





“Author Declan Dunne draws together the multiple façets of the pub’s history, from its opening as a spirit grocery in 1782, in a lively book”

                                                – Philip Nolan



Philip Nolan







23 May, 2015

Irish Examiner praises Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street

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Liam Mackey


“Entertaining and enlightening”




Read the full review by clicking on the link below:

21 May, 2015





“It’s a rare occurrence that we would read a book cover to cover in one sitting, but this is the kind of book that lends itself well to page turning…”

Read the full review by clicking on the link below:

20 May, 2015





Colette Sheridan





“For research purposes on the state of the pub, I made a little pilgrimage to Mulligan’s of Poolbeg Street when I was in Dublin last week.

“I was carrying a copy of Mercier Press’s newly published book Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street written by journalist, Declan Dunne.

“It was about 4 pm and the seasoned drinkers were sitting around the bar counter, drinking Guinness and beginning to get comfortable and garrulous.

“The light was dull and the premises was almost sepia-toned. I sat at the counter and ordered a coffee from Noel Hawkins, Mulligan’s witty barman.

Billy Phelan, Noel Hawkins and Darran Cusack

” ‘We have only the ordinary stuff,’ he said. ‘Grand,’ says I.

“I did the food test, asking him if he was ‘doing sandwiches’. As if! But he told me I could buy a sandwich from the nearby Spar and bring it back to eat on the premises.

“Then he gave me a few squares of his Aero chocolate bar. What a sweet man.”

Evening Echo, Cork, 20 May, 2015


17 May, 2015

An excerpt from It Says In The Papers by Caroline Murphy on RTE Radio One reviewing an article by Declan Lynch in the Sunday Independent about Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street.

17 May, 2015

Gary Cusack’s encounter with Sleep reawakened

Declan Lynch



Declan Lynch remembers the grand old days of Poolbeg Street

Gary Cusack

Read the full review by clicking on the link below:

14 May, 2015

Mulligan’s on Moncrieff

Seán Moncrieff







Declan Dunne, the author of Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street, is interviewed by Seán Moncrieff on newstalk.

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Listen to the full interview by clicking on the link below:

12 May, 2015

Irish Mirror gives rave review to ‘Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street‘.

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“The funniest, saddest, most hilarious and downright dramatic book I have ever read about a pub” – Paddy Clancy

Read the full review by clicking on the link below:

zbpSit back and enjoy the ‘high five’ videos of Mulligan’s. The first video below describes the release date as Winter 2015. However, it has been brought forward to May 2015 which we all hope will not be Winter! In fact, the book is now on sale.

This second video includes interviews with Mulligan’s co-owner Ger Cusack and some customers.

Mulligan’s on film. (Again the release date is May 2015)

Mulligan’s and writers

Mulligan’s and John F. Kennedy

In an interview with the RTÉ radio programme, Liveline, the Irish Press journalist, Jimmy Walsh, recalls the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and his visit, before he took office, to Ireland in 1947 when he was brought into Mulligan’s for a drink by Jack Grealish.


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