Mulligan’s draw – the original

Not all pubs have been so well-known for so long. This advertisement for the Irish Hospital Sweepstakes was part of a campaign run in the early 1960s.  


The Sweepstakes’ organisers were aware of Mulligan’s fame and used it in this line drawing in the Irish Press edition of 24 July, 1964.

The text at the top reads: ‘Joyce knew Mulligan’s and his Select Bar and he trod the familiar streets on his way there. Mulligan’s is part of Joyce’s Dublin and the visiting much-travelled much-read tourists find their way there to pay homage, among them, in 1947, after leaving the Marines, John F. Kennedy.

The artist includes number 10 which today has the sign ‘Mulligan’s’ across the ground floor. In present times, number 9 and number 10 have the same top roof level but in the sketch, number ten is lower than number 9. There also appears to be a sign on number 10 advertising, perhaps, another business.

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