Hidden Mulligan’s

Not all elements of Mulligan’s history are easy to spot on the premises or indeed well-known about.


One of the bartenders, Billy Phelan, kept a bird cage that was on the premises and was about to be thrown out. It is known that a bird was kept in Mulligan’s and up until the 1960s one of the then owners, Paddy Flynn, kept a cat.

Billy Phelan and Lorraine Doyle



The inscription reads: Gary O'D 12/03/99
The inscription reads: Gary O’D 12/03/99

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In 1999 a painter with the initials G O’D,  did some work inside the building and left his initials and date in hidden areas. One is in the front bar alcove, the other is above one of the the partially concealed window shafts in the front lounge.


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However, a third remnant of more ancient history lies above the porch of the entrance to the front bar. It is a horse-shoe embedded in the ceiling. The origin of this is obscure. It may have been a sign for good luck.

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One of the previous owners, James Mulligan, who ran the premises from 1875 to 1931 was a keen pony-trotter. Sam Greer’s sadlers shop was close to Mulligan’s for most of the twentieth century. It may have been a present from them to Mulligan.

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