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In 2003, Hospitality Ireland ran a feature on Mulligan’s in which Gary Cusack, Billy Phelan and Dave Cregan gave their thoughts on the trade. Extracts from the article by Paul O’Doherty below.


Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street in Dublin is renowned for its pint of Guinness.

Gary Cusack describes Mulligan’s as ‘a relaxed, easy going pub and while a lot of the characters have departed due to the demise of the Irish Press, most of the customers are great fun.

The most unusual drink he’s ever been asked for? ‘Guinness and lime, and the occasional Guinness Cole shandy.’

Billy Phelan overlooks the pumps like Lee Van Cleef looking for the man with no name. His greeting is welcoming and his wit is dry.

Billy Phelan
Lee Van Cleef





He started in the trade in 1968 when he left school. Born in Ballybrophy (‘where there’s not a decent pub, and they don’t even open during the day’) he arrived in Dublin 43 years ago.

What’s good about Mulligan’s? Again it’s simple: ‘A good cross-section of customers, getting the chance to meet different people all the time.

Dave Cregan, a youthful 42 could pass for a rock journalist. His 25 years as a barman has not diluted his enthusiasm.

‘The best people in the world drink in Mulligan’s. Genuine people. Great customers’. Recently a man asked him for a shot of crème de menthe and a shot of Sambuca mixed with a dash of Guinness. ‘A Dublin man, not a tourist. Strange’

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