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Flann O’Brien used the Scotch House, Burgh Quay, Dublin, as his ‘office’. However, he had dozens of other haunts in Dublin, including Mulligan’s of Poolbeg Street, which is the near site where the Scotch House once stood.

Flann O'Brien
Flann O’Brien

As the years have gone by, his reputation internationally has grown enormously. However, one of the great story-tellers in the English language, Graham Greene, spotted the talent early on…

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Cover of first edition of At swim two birds, 1939.

Writing under the pseudonym, Myles na gCopaleen, Flann mentioned Mulligan’s every now and then in his column in the Irish Times. In this particular extract, he refers to the theatrical association which the pub had because of its proximity to the Theatre Royal which once stood opposite the pub.

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Extract from the Cruiskeen Lawn column by Myles na gCopaleen, Irish Times, 13 July, 1953.

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