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Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street by Declan Dunne is now on sale. The book was officially deemed a bestseller by Nielsen BookScan on 6 June, 2015.

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Welcome, welcome, welcome to Mulligan’s: Grand Old Pub of Poolbeg Street – the official biography of the world’s most famous pub.

As you can see, people are already jumping for joy at the prospect of reading it.

Here you will find extra material including pictures and nuggets of history that have not seen the light of day until now. You lucky devils!

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Visit the official site for Mulligan’s pub: www.mulligans.ie

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Mulligan’s is more than a Dublin pub. It is a phenomenon. For more than 230 years it has been submerged in the lives of the famous and the infamous.

John F. Kennedy, Seamus Heaney, Judy Garland and James Joyce drank in it, a kidnapper was arrested in it, a man kicked his wife to death after leaving it and Brendan Behan was barred from it.

For decades, performers at the Theatre Royal thronged to it while journalists from the Irish Press smoked, fumed and interviewed celebrities in it. Dancers, Hollywood actors and singers have been welcomed to Mulligan’s, some have been run out of it, others have fled it.

The pub has inspired artists, poets, musicians and writers. Several ghosts are reputed to have appeared on the premises. In recent times, Mulligan’s has become a barometer used by global media to gauge public opinion in Ireland on sport, politics and economic strategies.

Author Declan Dunne chronicles the history of the business since its foundation in 1782, drawing on archives, interviews and newspaper reports.

He places the pub in the realm of world tourist sites and contends that while ‘China boasts of its Great Wall, New York the Statue of Liberty and Paris the Eiffel Tower, Dublin is bejewelled by Mulligan’s on Poolbeg Street’.

4 thoughts on “About the book”

  1. A great story of Mulligan´s, James Joyce, Bloomsday and my very good old friend, James Cassidy. I´m looking forward to the publication of the book – it sounds very interesting…

    Bert Blom (Danish)
    Author and translator

  2. I found the book on Ebay. Found it inspirational. My parents
    wew in Dublin several years ago and went to Mulligan’s Pub. I
    can’t wait to get there myself in the next few years.

    I live on six rolling acres in York, Pa. U.S.A. Many of my friends
    tell me it reminds me of the aIrish countryside. Want to find out for myself.

  3. MULLIGAN´S – an interesting book worth reading. A piece of pub history, of VIP´s through years and of Dublin city…

    Bert Blom
    Danish author and translator

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